The harvest commonly starts late in August for the whites and around mid-September for the reds, always manually and using cases. It ends with the fading of summertime, early in October, with the reaping of the Cabernet Sauvignon. 

When the grapes reach the cellar, they are sorted a first then a second time after the stemming process is completed, onto a conveyor belt, before being let fall into fermentation tanks. In an effort to safeguard the grapes as meticulously as possible, we use gravity rather than pumps, which we would rather avoid using.

Pictures of the harvests

The red and the white

During the vinification process of red wines, we work on pigeages (stomping of grapes in open fermentation tanks) and delestages (gently extracting color and structure from the fruit rather than the customary pump over method) in a systematic effort to preserve the best of the grapes and never push the extraction beyond what they have to offer. Our wines are of a pronounced structure and finesse. The vinification of our wines is long and lasts between 25 and 30 days in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks of relatively small volume. Barrel aging lasts between 16 and 18 months with a minimum of 35% new barrels.

After having been gently pressed, the juice of white grapes will be racked and fermented ‘a froid’ in stainless steel. A fraction of 20% will later on be vinified and aged 8 months in barrels before being reassembled. At this stage again, everything will be done to preserve the fruitiness, freshness and minerality of the wines.

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The Vintages


Very difficult vintage due to a very short winter with very few precipitation and snow.  The spring was quite dry and the summer very hot with temperature above 40c during more than 20 days. Since we do not irrigate we had to lower the yields even more to reach of good maturity with good tanins. The harvests were very early, we started around the 15 august and finish on the 15 th september.


Great vintage, it started with a very cold winter and a lot of snow and precipations. The spring was fresh and sunny which helped us to have a good flowering. Finally the summer was sunny but cool with very fresh nights. We reached a very good quality of tanins, a perfect maturation with  still a high acidity. The harvest started beginning of september  until mid october.


We got on the end of the season just before the harvest, very hot and dry winds during 2 weeks. It resulted in some difficulties to achieve  the best maturity since the vines were suffering from the heat. Nevertheless, we achieved a good result, especially for the whites  harvested just before  the heat wave .


This vintage was good even if we had a very hot summer. The late rains helped us to pick up the grapes at a perfect maturity. The best results for this vintage were in places where winemakers waited long enough to reach this maturity. The harvests strted late august to end up beginning of october.


What a vintage! not only the first of Domaine de Baal but this is the year of the war ... so quite difficult to work in these conditions and with very few equipments. Otherwise, the weather was perfect from winter until the end of the summer. Quite typical of the region, snow and rain in winter and dry and hot summer but with no heat waves.