Respect of the soil

For the land to give its best, we pay the utmost attention to the vineyard throughout the year. Our approach consists of respecting the soil in a way that allows the ‘terroir’ to express itself in the most beautiful way.

In line with our philosophy to respect the earth and the environment, we have adopted organic agriculture from the very start of the project. Last year we have also begun following methods used in biodynamic, such as spraying of nettle and verbena infusions.

We provide our vineyard with constant monitoring and control. The supply of organic material is provided organically

Pictures of the soil

A meticulous work

Beginning of November, the work in the vineyards starts again in order to prepare the next vintage. As usual we bring some cow manure again in the vineyards in order to develop the bacterial life. it also helps to keep the soil more humid. Thus, we avoid the use of irrigation, which is unfortunately not only commonly used but also goes uncontrolled in our region.

By opting for a short pruning, a severe disbudding and green harvests, we manage to reach the desired yield and quality, the yields never exceeding 25 hl / hectare.

Pictures of the soil

The best care until the end

The winery is equiped with the best materials

When the grapes reach the cellar, they are sorted a first then a second time after the stemming process is completed, onto a conveyor belt, before being let fall into fermentation tanks.

In an effort to safeguard the grapes as meticulously as possible, we use gravity rather than pumps, which we would rather avoid using.